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DISCIPLINE WITH MONEY;Creating A Disciplined You Around Money

How is your relationship with money?

You probably have grown up with kids who were known to be disciplined or you were yourself. If you are also disciplined with your money, Well..congrats.
There’s only one problem with the rebel kid which I kinda was…you always get in trouble. Kid trouble is something you can handle can claim that people can’t understand you.But then you grow up and lack no discipline with money too.Image result for rebel kid

This time ’round, it’s only the two of you, money and you…you do your money injustice but you can’t get away with it this time. You get in trouble by having money issues, debt stress to even despair about your financial future. You may not notice but maybe you are already discouraged that you can ever have a better financial future. Is it anyone else’s fault you are that way? Unless you had genuine reasons which were out of your control, the problem is YOU. You just can’t stop those bad money habits… overspending. But if I was able to turn the right me you can too.

How To Instill Money Discipline To A ”Saving Rebel”

My readers have been asking me a lot of questions like how can they stop procrastinating their investment decisions and so on but the question revolving around is how to gain the discipline. It doesn’t matter you are a 3 figure or 6 figure earner the discipline regarding personal finance works the same way. There is no way one will convince me that they’ll start saving the moment their salary is increased next month.You are lying to your face. Let me show you how you can get through this money-you relationship;

1.Get Informed

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The first step to tackle every problem is knowing what you’re dealing with. That’s when you move on to see how you can deal with it. Read extensively about management of personal finance and identify what can work for you.

Blogs and books are out there with a lot of information that can help you attain your financial goals. Choose wisely what can really work for you and go to the next step. You can start by identifying the type of spender you are.


2.Look At Your Money In The Eye
This is something we mostly overlook when managing our finances. To be completely helpful to ourselves regarding personal finance we should have to Look At Our Money In The Eye. We have to be open and sincere about our income and the likely right way to spend it. No convincing ourselves, just pure SINCERITY.

3.Get Emotional
After seeing what finances you have and how irresponsible you have been using them it’s time to get mad. Getting mad at your financial situation gives you a real push to doing something about it. When you know you really need to change you will be able to make it happen.

4.Make A Plan
What is your plan now? Now that you understand the need to change your messed up financial life, what next? There is no single textbook explanation of getting your finances back on track but there are definitely some you will search and find fit for you.
Make a plan that includes all money factors..savings, expenses, emergency fund, paying debt and then go on to fetch your financial goal. It sounds easy but it’s not. Healing from bad money habits has it’s withdrawal symptoms and forces to pull you back. The question is, are you strong enough to pull through it all? I know you are, so believe in yourself.

5.Program Your Mind To Cope With The New Diet
Yeah, this is the bigger battle you have to conquer. The theory is over, these are the practicals. Even after starting to exercise discipline with money for a cannot consider yourself a pro yet. You are still under your own radar till the day it hits 24/7/365. The very day you finish a year is the day you have quite become fully responsible. What will get you through the year is a reminder. Reminding yourself all the time is really important to instill that discipline.

6.Celebrate Now And Then
You don’t want to be all disciplined with no play, you might end up convincing yourself that you are being too hard on yourself and go back to the bad money habits. To avoid this, treat yourself now and then for being a good manager of your personal capital. That way you can be grateful and continue with the daily drill.

Financial success comes as a package deal effort,patience,risks and discipline

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