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GOING ALL IN;From Side Hustle To Main Hustle

  1. How does someone go from being a car salesman to a full-time blogger? How does a banker become a full-time financial consultant? This turning their side hustle to the main hustle, how did they do it?

You’ve been testing the side hustle waters for a while’s high time you get all wet and enjoy it.

The time to unleash your inner entrepreneur and build a profitable business can be quite challenging but it’s worth the risk.

That’s true. But how do I do it?

Well, here’s how you can transition from a side hustle to the main hustle;

1.Ensure A Foundation

A business start ground can be challenging but it’s the most important step in building a business. That means you have to suck it up and build up enough momentum to keep going forward.

When you are building a house and the foundation was faulty, the whole building will eventually crumble. So imagine putting in the work but you didn’t really ensure a solid foundation for the business. It’s either you have to go back to the business roots in order to move forward or you lose the whole business. I imagine you won’t want that.

A business foundation would become solid when you work on the side hustle to an extent it can profit on its own. That way you can be sure that your side hustle will thrive as the main.

2.Introduce The Process
What is your plan for how this business will be working? You have to figure it all out. The way your side hustle will make it as the main hustle.
Every cost, every risk, and every sacrifice should be put on paper. This is a thought process that ensures the foundation so get a grip.

3.Assess Your Management Mindset
You know that transitioning from a side hustle to the main hustle means you’ll be your own boss, right? It sounds exciting but it’s more than that.It means you are now responsible for your own business.  Your business succeeds or fails it’s all on you. You can be excited to go all in but you may meet obligations your not ready for. To avoid that you have to make sure you are ready for the new roles. Maybe you’ll need assistance too, get ready to be an employer. Get your mindset straight. If you have bad money habits you have to get control of them before you jump to entrepreneurship.

4.Is It All Worth It?
After going through #1#2#3 you definitely know where you stand. This huge leap of going for the main hustle is risky but it also comes with huge rewards. When you question your readiness to starting solo entrepreneurship, you should also ask yourself if you are ready to work for someone for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to go all in? Yes? Well, Good luck!

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