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Are you a spender? Not like spending is a bad thing, in this case I mean overspending.

You may not have a spending habit like I did or maybe you haven’t realized yet but either way, we gonna find out. I can’t say there was a specific instance that turned my spending problem around, it was just a realization over time.  I never tracked how I spent money and would continue shopping and taking loans.  It took no time, I was in a huge debt. I still couldn’t get my spending habits straight no matter how I tried.  I started writing the obvious things I am doing that are ruining my personal finances.  I would then see the mistakes every day and would promise to not do it again. I then started blogging about personal finance, which made it easier because I have to write about what I have done and still doing. It has not been easy but it is an exciting experience practicing How To Be A Wiser Spender.

So how do you know you are a spender? You may not have any idea that you are a spender so as you go on reading you might find a habit you have. If you do then you are definitely a spender.

1.You Go Crazy Impulse
This was definitely me. You may be going to the store specifically to buy some cheese and thirty minutes later you are out with a cart full of snacks and ”cute stuff”. It’s like you can’t help it. That sounds like you? You are, without doubt, a spender.

2.Not Caring Much What Something Costs
No matter how rich you are, paying for an overpriced item with no urgency, due to the laziness of buying somewhere else at the right price, is another bad spending habit. I would feel lazy to go buy the same shoes in the nearby store, I would buy them online at a higher price so as to have a doorstep delivery. I’ve recovered from that and I always plan how I’ll run my errands to get items at the right price. If you have this tendency, fight the impatience to get the item and get it at the right price because you are definitely a spender.

3.Never Worrying About Saving Hacks
To be clear, you do not have to be stingy every time making saving hacks a job. There is just a tendency of doing stuff without a little bit caring about how you can save yourself from overspending. You drive around town almost every day making individual errands while you can simply plan some time and save on gas making them happen at once. This tendency is due to lack of planning and mostly a spender habit.

4.Got A Saving Account; Is it Around Being Nil?
How is your savings account? Do you have one at all? Some people have a savings account and almost forget they do..why? They don’t water that tree at all. So if you do have a savings account but do the poor saving, you are nearly the same as one who doesn’t have one. Having this habit? Here’s a realization up for the change..You are a spender.

5.You never track your finances
This is the central habit for every spender. Your credit card is $20 dollars less than you remember and you are like,”Where did that go?Aah,whatever”. You just don’t have the nerve that cares to jerk that memory. If you can relate to this…you are a spender.

6.Convincing Yourself On Earning it Back
”O.M.G did I use all this money?  I’ll recover it with time”. Hold up right there..what can you do to earn it back that’s not on your working income? I mean you are definitely lying to your own face. That money is gone and you will be using more again and again. That’s you? You are obviously a spender.

So, so far did you find anything that you can relate? Cause then you are a serious spender and you have to find ways you can recover from that. How to be a wise money spender is worth checking out for a start.

Having explored the dark side of being a spender I would like you to also understand that it is not always a bad thing. Spending can be on others and it makes you feel happy helping out. This is a beautiful side of spenders that people don’t necessarily understand. Just that too much of it is overkill. Help out where you can, save and automate your savings to be able to still give in the future.

Overspending is not healthy for your personal financial growth.

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