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You have side hustled for a while now and it’s getting obvious that you’ve been thinking of making the side hustle your main hustle.

But is it really the right time?

You know you can’t juggle your day job and side hustle forever. Right? At some point, you have to accept change.
I know, I know it sounds risky but you have to make a choice on the main track which your financial life will follow. Enough of the small talk…it’s time to clear your doubts.

I’ll give you the possible signs showing that your side hustle is ready to transition to the main hustle;

1.The Returns Of Your Side Hustle Have A Bigger Potential Than Your Full-Time Job
So you might be a car salesman but your network marketing side hustle is paying off at a rate your day job can’t keep up no matter what. Your analysis is showing that if you put more time and effort you’ll be getting far more than the current income. This is a sign that you can take a leap and turn your side hustle to the main hustle.

2.Your Side Hustle Is Proving To Be Something Tangible
You have been side hustling and your creativity is no longer on your day job. Why? The side hustle is consuming most of your time and producing tangible results. Clients are booming and asking for more. You see the side hustle is growing to something bigger.  What are you still doing at your day job then? This is a sign that you should go solo and focus on the bigger picture.

3.You Are Financially Prepared To Quit Your Job
So there are certain times one gets inspired by the side hustle and they quit their jobs without thinking. The problem is that they were not really financially prepared. They end up failing to make the side hustle work due to financial stress. Things are different when one is financially prepared. It’s even better if the side hustle had earned income that you saved enough for launching the business. When financially prepared, you can be sure you can turn your side hustle to the main hustle without affecting your lifestyle.

Have you turned your side hustle to the main hustle? Yes? What was the sign that showed you it was time?

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