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SMART SHOPPING;How You Can Shop With Less

Do you just buy stuff and not care about the prices? Maybe you do care but don’t really care anyway…Well, that was totally me.

I would go to the mall and buy boots at $40 as the price tag indicates. Later that week, because the boots are amazing, my friend would come talking about the $5 discount she has been given buying the same boots in the same store. Can you believe how bad I felt in spite of not bargaining being my fault?

That’s one of the later points of how to shop with less so I’ll stop at that. Bad spender or not shopping with less is really important in financial growth.

1.Decide And Work With Strategy
Whether you feel like saving this month or you really want to use less to pay debt, buy a new car…whatever reason you have, it’s high time you make it your job. Want to use $2000 instead of the usual $4000 this month in clothes shopping? Well, find a strategy to make that happen. That’s like cutting all prices in half. This month you will find a way you can buy that pant at half its price. As you go on reading you can find ways to make that happen.

2.Ask And You Definitely Shall Receive
Heard this statement a couple of times, right? In this case, all I mean is negotiating prices or what we commonly call ”bargaining”. I know some of you have never bothered to negotiate a price and it’s not so bad. I always gave what am asked of until I started hanging out with this friend who would ask for discounts on stuff I bought at really high prices.

Here’s the thing…I hated ”wasting time” on bargaining and I didn’t know how to do it at all. Later I noticed it was so easy, I would give one suggestion, give them a minute to think about it and to my surprise, they would give the discount already. No matter how small a single discount is, they accumulate as you shop and you find yourself using less personal finances. Too much negotiation is exhausting to you and the seller so it’s important to keep it short. You can learn more from ”how to bargain” experts and prepare to shop for less.

3.Find Out Prices Online
There are online stores for almost everything you need. The mistakes most of us do is go blindly to buy something not even knowing the price range in the first place. Go online and search for that mattress you want, check the price of the different features and choose what you may like. After you get informed you will go to the physical store knowing what you exactly like and at what price you may want it for. This will be easy even in getting the right fair discount.

4.Consider Purchasing Pre-owned Stuff
Some of you have never bought anything second hand for multiple reasons. Second-hand stuff commonly known as ”Mitumba” in my country can be really nice or even 3/4 new.

They are cheaper and hence you can shop for less this way. There are challenges that you can come across when buying second-hand stuff, all you need is to be careful and know what to check for validation.  Some consignment stores can be trusted to have nice second-hand stuff. One of its advantages I like most is the uniqueness of items. They can be any model and you can stumble on just the ”something you always wanted”.

5.Patience Pays
This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I was the kind of person who would see something in a store today and purchase it right away even when I know the stock is likely to last for quite some time. I was that impatient and anxious when shopping. Of-late that tendency is reducing as I exercise patience where I know prices will reduce over time. Having the patience to wait for a price to lower or discounts to come up is not something we all can do. But it is not rocket’s a skill you can exercise every day. Practice makes perfect, right? Why not give it a try.

Rinsing and repeating every way to shop for less is something you can start today. I hope you can decide to follow at least one tactic.

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