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Yeah what’s that?

It’s humans taking control of their lives.But then we can’t really be in control,can we?

No matter how we plan our lives,stuff happens that we didn’t expect.Why?Because we live in an imperfect world.The unexpected occurrences are emergencies.Almost all need financial backup.In other words an emergency fund.

I’d assume you’ve had financial surprises though you may not have noticed because you were prepared.If you were not prepared,you may have asked for assistance or borrowed a loan.When you get faced with a financial surprise be it loss of a job,major car repair,unexpected medical bill or any other crisis that’s where an emergency fund comes in.

An emergency fund is an amount of money you set aside to take care of financial emergencies.When you don’t have an emergency fund you’d be living as if you’ll never face a financial crisis,we all know that’s a this crazy imperfect world.We all need an emergency fund for these important reasons;

1.Reduces your stress levels
What’s your first feeling when your car needs some really costly repairs when you are paying debt?You start having that nagging feeling that you have a problem and are quite sad you don’t really know what to do about it.You imagine that feeling?That’s wanna know how you can avoid that?Saving an emergency fund is where you can start.
With an emergency fund you can be confident that any financial crisis life throws at you can be dealt with and life goes on.

2.Keeping Bad Financial Decisions At Bay
Before I started saving an emergency fund,emergencies would strike and the pressure to attend to them would poison my financial decisions big time.First of all some of my ”emergencies” weren’t really emergencies..get it?Like maybe I’ve seen those nice boots I can’t stop staring…that would be my emergency.If that’s you then that really bad habit has to stop very soon.Aside from those made up emergencies…bad financial decisions like borrowing when you have an unpaid debt are likely to happen.As soon as you have an emergency fund,your mind would be tuned to make responsible financial decisions.The lesser the bad financial decisions..the faster your personal financial growth.

3.Your Financial Goals Remain Intact
You ever had a financial goal like starting a certain business at the start of the year and it doesn’t happen?When your friend asks,”Hey Will…What happened to you opening a coffee shop this month?” and there you go like..”Ummm… something came up..some financial crisis you know” .Seriously?

That’s like a major step back and continued tendency in small proportions throughout the year would postpone the reality of your financial goals for years or they’ll actually never be happening.
You still with me?Good.

Making your financial goals come to reality is majorly influenced by the plans you set up to cover you when emergency expenses arise.

Bottom Line
Being ready to solve any financial crisis you stumble upon by having an emergency fund is one of the best ways of living.With the unexpected turn of events in our lives,we know we have part of it figured out.The less you have to worry about your financials makes you even more productive in other aspects of life,and that’s healthy living.
Am ready to show you how you can start an emergency fund that suits you.

The question is,are you ready to solve a piece of the puzzle of your unpredictable life?

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