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Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Have you ever thought of having a side hustle?

Your 9-5 salary might be ok if you want an ordinary life where you struggle with the boss for a higher raise, get stuck as the economy goes up and work till your retirement and wait…you will still be living hand to mouth. That life if you ask me?  It’s the last thing I’d wish for myself and anyone for that matter.

”The best things in life are free”…yeah sure but they have to be integrated with the non-free to make them truly whole. Ok, I am going to stop telling you the obvious and give you the reasons why you should have a side hustle right away.

1.Earns You Extra Cash.Who Doesn’t Like That?
With the 9-5 salary, in spite of all the budgets you plan…you have to make sacrifices every time you want to have a little fun ahead of your paycheck. What if you had set aside 1-2 hrs of your daily time for a profitable side hustle? You won’t have to sacrifice your daily wants. The extra cash can accumulate to plan the lifetime experience you always wanted. The extra cash can fill in emergencies, help you grow your savings and so many extended advantages.

3.You Can Explore Your Passion By Monetizing It


Living passion-filled life is healthy living, monetizing it in the process?  That’s great living!! Maybe you have a job which you are passionate about, that’s great. You can still take it to the next level by working for yourself. If not having a dream job, it’s high time you create a side hustle that explores your passion. You might eventually go all in, quit your job to live your passion.

4.Diversifying Income
Just like investing it’s best if you don’t put all eggs in one basket in income generation. Do you depend on your day job? Companies shut down anytime…you can get fired anytime. Without a side hustle, how will you survive? Well, you can rely on the emergency fund but you would still be a step back from your personal financial goals. If I know I have a blog that is generating some income then I won’t be so worried if I lose my job. Having a side hustle ensures financial security.

5.Early Working Towards Financial Freedom
Do you have a duration of time that you think you will eventually be financially free? If you depend on that day job am sorry to break it to you but that will not happen anytime soon. A side hustle gets you to be your own boss and commitment to financial success for oneself by yourself is a quicker way to financial freedom.

Your choice. Do you want to know the next step of beginning another chapter of your financial life? These are side hustle ideas you can choose from. Before you go to choose you should go through The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Side Hustle.

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