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YOUR SIDE HUSTLE DECISION;Things To Consider When Choosing A Side Hustle

Are you still looking for a side hustle? Do you already have one?

If you do have a ”side gig” I hope you are happy with it. In case you are not happy with your side hustle you might find this article helpful. If you don’t have a side hustle yet and you are thinking of getting one, it’ll be best if we have a chat too.

Many people have side gigs that give them a lot of extra cash but they actually are not happy about it. Why?They didn’t consider the whole picture when they were choosing their side hustle.

Everyone is giving side hustle ideas (including me) but there are a few guidelines on what to consider when choosing a side hustle. I thought of writing this after seeing a lot of comments on people having dilemmas on which side hustles to take. The thousands of ideas on side hustling can get someone so excited they end up doing what they don’t actually enjoy, what they can’t do the best way or even some choose multiple side hustles at once ending up on either little profits or epic fails.

But how does one avoid these mistakes?

To avoid all these mistakes it’s important to know the things to look into when choosing a side hustle. Still with me? Great, let’s jump right in;

1.Do I Love What I Do; What’s My Thrill?
Here comes the question for your inner self. What do you really love? Some have a straight answer but others might have multiple interests in life.

What if I still can’t get hold of what my passion really is?

That’s something I can relate, I was so interested in a couple of things some years back and was in the process of finding myself. I tried but still couldn’t quite picture what was really my passion. I decided to integrate the two things that I was really interested in, what I could work on while traveling; blogging and coding. Here I am thankful that even in the early stages of my decision, I have a major excitement on carrying on with the two ideas.

What am saying is, there’s the first option…If you love what you do right now, there is that side hustle idea that can blend with your job. For instance, you love your mechanics job…you might want to consider having an informative blog on repairing automotive. If you do not love what you do then I’ll say go for the side hustle you want. Not that you should quit your job straight up and start side hustling, no. First analyze, calculate risks and the end profits and find a way to transition safely.

2.What Is My End Goal?
After identifying what you may be interested in you are supposed to figure out what your end goal is. You don’t want to start a side hustle with no goals and give up because of losing direction. A side hustle is meant to earn you extra cash right? How far do you want your extra cash to go? Is paying that huge debt your end goal? As you figure that out, you get answers on which side gig fits you.

3.How Much Attention, Capital Would The Side Hustle Need? What Does It Take To Succeed In The Side Hustle?
So here’s where many people overlook when starting a side hustle. You will get an amazing side hustle idea and maybe read that small paragraph the blogger has given you. You then go out there and start practicing it right away investing time and maybe even money.
You spend a lot of time making it work and come to know later that the idea is not ideal for someone who works 9-5. You first get bored, angry and then give up the whole idea. You’ve wasted time, money and other resources only to know that it was one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

An easy example is blogging. Some people start blogging thinking it’s a walk in the park..just sipping cocktails on the beach while making a living. They end up trying it that way and fail for a long time. Some get discouraged completely while some go back to where they should have started in the first pace(doing extensive research). Before starting a side hustle it’s important to know if you are ready for its package deal(pros and cons, sacrifices). It is said we should learn from our mistakes but I think it’s best to first learn from other people’s written mistakes to make less of our own.

4.How Do I Start?Do I Go All In?
How to start is a major wonder for many. If you are 100% sure the side hustle fits you then you are free to get it in motion the way you like but it’s still advisable to give it a light start. You should take your time when choosing a side hustle. Taking time doesn’t mean you take a whole century thinking about it, make it short but thoughtful. If you scramble your mind and still come up with multiple answers it will be great if you take a leap of faith. A leap of faith can have a major set back that’s why you should not invest a lot of resources on it. It might take a major hit on your personal finances while you wanted financial growth in the first place. Give the decision a benefit of doubt but tread carefully. As soon as you give it a go, your mind will clear up for the right opportunity that will mark your forever purpose. A side hustle might be a mark for your future so if your thinking about starting one, consider it as a very important step of your life.

You can check out The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Side Hustle then move on to Practical Side Hustles That Can Actually Work Today.

Perfecting the understanding of an idea to the last detail is the best start of a decision. Good luck!


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