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Need some extra cash? Side hustles are best at delivering exactly that.

There’s one thing though…There are lies you were told that I need to ”un-tell”.
-Side hustles are not ”get rich quick schemes”.
-Side hustles also need time and sometimes even a small investment to give you the extra cash you need. I know it sounds contradictory but side hustles are not entirely free. You have to put in the work and resources to get results.
-Not every side hustle can be done part-time by everyone. Your timeline determines whether or not a side hustle can work.

The best part is that there is something for everyone, you just have to pick one that works for you. Why? You are in need of extra cash and I’d imagine you don’t want to make mistakes. Right? In light of that, I made a no-nonsense guide that will help you make the most informed side hustle decision.

You can check out The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Side Hustle and follow this article from there.

Side Hustle Ideas That Can Actually Work
Online Side Hustles
Do you have any topic you know you can write about?  Are you capable of collecting information and piecing it together to form a great piece?

Writing is a skill anyone can learn but it doesn’t mean everyone can write. If by any chance you are interested in writing, you can learn the skill and even make a huge living from it. All you need is interest and equipping yourself to learn from established writers. You also should not be expecting a lot at first. Put in an effort and your earnings will increase as your skills get better.

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Writing is one of the most popular side hustles and people go from extra cash to making a living from it. Iwriter is the first site I recommend to start your writing journey. It is really easy to navigate even for a newbie. There is just one thing though, before you get into writing on any site, take your first gigs seriously. If you don’t, you may be thrown out in no time and even miss the chance to collect the little dollars you’ve earned.

If you are entirely a beginner, look for a niche you’ll specialize in and research extensively the do’s and don’ts of the writing styles. The biggest mistake people do is underestimating the quality of articles clients need. Even for a few dollars, they expect a brilliant article and if you do not deliver, your writing journey is far from starting than you think. This mistake is the most common and I’d love it if you follow so that you have at least one part figured out.

Check out this kick-ass guide for more insight on the online money making side hustle.

2.Taking surveys
Yes, there are a few paying survey sites you can earn extra cash from. You just have to choose reliable, honest and accessible ones. This is because the real survey sites have gained a bad reputation from the scams.

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I’ll give you a list of the most reliable though you can’t be sure it works in your country. Talking of countries…you may find a survey site not accessible in your country, don’t stress. There are some that exist in your country and you only have to research. Taking surveys can only earn you a few extra bucks, you cannot rely your income on them.
So here are The best survey sites to make extra money.

3.Affiliate marketing
This is another legit online side hustle you can make extra cash from at the comfort of your home. A lot of people have had a bad experience with scam-my affiliate marketing programs. That’s why you may be thinking it’s not a good idea.

What if I tell you that you can use your growing social media following to gain profit? Legitimately. I’m guessing you want to know how you can do it. Well, there are many articles with comprehensive information out there. First, you should see the overall ways you can make money with an affiliate without owning a website.  After that, you can then decide which social media platform you want to take your affiliate marketing side hustle to.

4.Reviewing Books

This is another really cool side hustle. I do book reviews majorly because they are for free and I can grab a non-fiction book every week to extend my knowledge. The best part is you are actually being paid to do something you benefit from. 

All you need is interest in reading a certain book and following review guidelines. I think this is one of the best side-hustles one can do. Why? Reading books is important(almost every successful person reads books often) to widen and deepen your understanding of life. If you can do that without paying a dime and even better, get awarded for it, why not grab the opportunity? The website that I can say with certainty can pay you for reviewing books is the online book club.

5.Online tutoring
Are you an expert in something and you want to share that knowledge? Online tutoring is the perfect side hustle for you. You can offer your services directly or other tutors can buy courses from you.
You can introduce yourself to this side hustle on online tutoring jobs and grab a site to work with.
If you are bilingual, you can try language tutoring.
You can do that through Skype or you can also check out other options on bilingual teaching jobs.

6.Virtual assistant
The Internet is incredible! Don’t you think? You can actually self-employ yourself by being someone’s virtual assistant. Your skills can be provided to multiple companies at the same time. The best part is, you earn from this side hustle while you improve your skills. And the more you improve your skills, the more you charge your services. Go check out legitimate companies that hire virtual assistants.

7.Techie side hustles

Are you a tech geek? The range of your side hustling options is just vast. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get more creative to start a viable technology entrepreneurship journey. Be it graphic designing or programming, your skills are needed in so many ways. At ebusinesslife, they give you techie-side-hustling ideas to earn you extra income.

What do you do for a living? Do you believe you can coach other people on that topic? Anything you are skilled at, be it management of personal finance, fitness…just anything. Someone else is out there ready to listen to how you can help them achieve a certain goal in life.

Don’t just sit on your skills. The coaching side hustle is a great way to make money and gain fulfillment from helping others. That’s what life is about, right?  Being financially stable and happy. You can start coaching for free then start charging as you get more clients.  This can be done online or offline.

9.Selling services on Fiverr
At Fiverr, you can get almost every service you need. It’s a platform where the sellers sell their services (they are called gigs) to earn income. There are many people earning six figures through Fiverr.
Visit the website and learn how to navigate in order to sell your services. It can be hard at first but the more you do it the more you learn smart ways to go about it.

Blogging as a side hustle is not really an easy thing to do but still, nothing comes easy and there are people who have made it part-time. Blogging is not a side hustle to take if you need money urgently. To earn money from a blog takes time and money.  For a beginner, it can take up to 6 months or more, making mistakes and learning without earning a penny.

The blogging side hustle can earn money through mainly affiliate marketing, advertising and selling your own products. If you need to know everything about blogging, that is from the start of the unending journey, I know the best website to deliver all that. I have learned a lot from them such that I wish I discovered the site when I was starting off. They are just the best.

11.Starting a YouTube channelImage result for youtuber
This side hustle is one of the most growing businesses in the past two years. I am one of the people that’ll increase your subscriber list number if you join. Do you like ranting? Can you do makeup like a pro? Can you dance? If you can do anything entertaining and create great content from that, then you are capable of being a you-tuber.

You-tubers mainly earn from advertising. Superwoman has made millions on YouTube through comedy and life ”relatable” videos. You can start your own YouTube channel with help from guides on the informative YouTube channels.

12.Selling physical products online
Having an eCommerce store is another really profitable side hustle. I buy almost everything online and my interaction with some owners has really given me insight into many of its pros. Not to say it is easy but it can be a really affordable business to begin. You do not have to create an eCommerce store straight away, you can start selling stuff on social media first. All you have to do is take nice shots of your products, post them with a description and deliver to customers at their cost.

The fact that you do not need a physical shop to promote your products is the best thing about selling stuff online. You can check out shops on Instagram and see how they do it. The best part is, you can sell even your own handcrafted items. You can make millions of dollars selling stuff online, you just got to do what works.

Offline Side Hustles

13.Repairing gadgets and other accessories
Do you have some repairing skills? Be it a computer, phone, sinks…anything. All you need is a word out there about your knowledge and skills. You can tell friends to tell friends so you can freelance for flexibility. Many people throw stuff away upon damage, the moment they know someone can repair, they’ll pay good money for your services. The most important thing to keep in mind about this side hustle is being honest. If you cannot repair something perfectly you should not take the job in the first place. Your reputation is what will earn you money.

14.Offer cleaning and organizing services
Can you clean or plan a place well? Those are services even I need…haha. But seriously, every place has people who can’t do that for themselves. That’s where your planning skills come in. In order to stand out and have authority on stating your prices, you have to offer something that others do not. This side hustle can open your mind to even more business opportunities as you interact with people’s needs.

15.Watching kids and pets
Do you like kids or pets and enjoy being responsible for them? If your answer is yes, then I think this side hustle might be good for you. You must be ready to learn, have tolerance and develop patience in order for you to enjoy this side hustle. There are many ways you can get these ”care gigs” depending on your location. Look for people who can’t tend these matters and get yourself a side gig.

I can’t give you a long list of everything you can do around you.  All you need to know is that anything you know and have or interest in can make a viable side hustle. You only need to look at the problems around you that need solving. Create a solution of your own angle and give the best services. That’s all you need to start a side hustle. Side hustling is done best when you know what you are doing, giving your best and being happy about it.

Finally, you should not put your energy into multiple side hustles, that way you’ll be wasting time. Give one side hustle your best shot. Get the best side hustle by following The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Side Hustle. Good luck!

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