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Writing Side Hustles; All you need to know about writing in your part-time

Are you sure you want to make writing your side hustle? You need you to be sure. The fact that you can do this while wearing underwear does not mean it’s going to be easy.

I noticed I loved writing when I was in high school. I wasn’t sure about it yet but I still would scribble poems now and then. I then tried writing recently for extra cash but it wasn’t how I thought it would be. I believed I could write about anything if I put my mind to it. So with that attitude, I had to learn the hard way…Articles getting rejected for multiple reasons.

Long story short, if you want to write for extra cash during your part-time you have to know how the real writing world works.
Writing side hustles have their pro’s and cons;
1. You experience life in just putting down words. Writing is a powerful art you can use to learn, express your feelings and re-invent experiences. When you are being paid to write, you have to produce unique content in order to be successful. This is how you relive and re-invent ideas at the comfort of your home/beach, just anywhere. How cool is that!?Image result for writing
2. It costs you almost nothing. Other than your time and internet, writing only needs the creative part of your mind. We all have that and the more you use it, the better.
3. You do not need a resume to write. You don’t have to entirely know about a subject to the core or produce papers in order to be accepted. All you need is to prove you can deliver quality content.
4. Most importantly, you can do it on your part-time. Be it midnight or during your lunch break, so long as you deliver at the right time, you are good to go.
1. Rejection. This is the most discouraging aspect of this side hustle. I asked if you are really sure you want to write. If yes then am pretty sure you are ready for a few rejections.
2. Burnout. Focusing on your main job while keeping up with the writing side hustle can be challenging. Sometimes, especially when starting, time to allocate the writing side gig should be sufficient enough to start earning a lucrative income. This can really rob you rest.

Do you think you can handle this side hustle? Yes? Great. The most important thing is to first lower your money expectations and raise your interest in being a better writer.

Writing side hustles

Book Reviewing
Book reviewing is one of the best writing side hustles one can do. If you love reading(which is something you should), then this is the perfect way to make money parttime. First, you are not paying for the book and you still get paid for your opinion. I personally do this side hustle from time to time.Image result for my opinion

If you are interested, You should take these steps to be a successful reviewer.
1. Before reviewing a book, research how it is written. You may have enjoyed a book and have outlined your opinions. That’s not enough, research how reviews for that specific genre are written. Be it non-fiction, sci-fi, mystery…they all have some rules you can use to go faster up the success ladder.
2. Follow the author’s/website’s guidelines from the start. Small mistakes will keep you from earning good cash. Get your grammar and spelling straight. You can use Grammarly.
Check out these reviewing sites on the Well-kept wallet. You can also go with the online book club for a start. I am sure they pay after you write one free review so long as you follow their guidelines and keep up with good grammar.

Freelancing is a great way to earn extra cash(can make a living too). Opposed to common beliefs, you do not have to be a professional writer to freelance. Everyone learns from scratch. You might be thinking. What if I don’t have a topic I can write? Well, you may also be a dentist but not every day do people need articles on that topic. What I am trying to say is, you don’t need expertise, you need interest and the will to learn.
I can’t tell you everything you need to know so here are resources you can use to get started. Visit Elna’s blog and learn how you can get paid to write.

If you need money right away, this is not the way to go. For you to start earning from a blog part-time, it can take more than six months. Making mistakes and picking yourself up is just a trend you’ll be having for quite some time until it gets clearer. It is a competitive world of blogging out there so you have to get ready to learn. Research is the best tool you can equip yourself with.Image result for smartblogger images
There are people who have done the big part of the research, experimenting and experiencing for you. I recommend starting your blogging journey with smart blogger. Jon Morrow is an excellent expert on the art.

If familiar with blogging, I recommend site ground web hosting. You can sign up through my affiliate link here.

Writing ebooks
Have you ever wanted to write a book? Maybe you have a piece of information you want to deliver. Physical books can require a lot of processing but the internet made it all easy. You can write an ebook and self-publish it on Kindle at absolutely no cost. Making it a side hustle is by publishing books consistently to build an audience. It could be anything. Interesting, entertaining, and informative ideas are what people want to read. An ebook can deliver all that.

Writing as a side hustle is not easy at first. It is a consistent journey of learning, screwing up and moving on. Learning being the first, it’s better to invest a lot of time in it. The first thing to do before deciding to make writing a side hustle is research. Research the big dogs in your niche, mistakes one might make, just research to the core and do it again and again. There is always something new to learn.

You always hear that content is king. Well, that’s true. Epic content is what everyone seeks. A good writer makes content the first priority, giving your best is what takes you to the top.

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