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I’m guessing you are one of the smart ones who know normal is boring. You just want to build your finances and make the most out of your life.

Great. Here at The Vital Shilling, We are all about that. We focus on maintaining a balance in our lives while growing finances smartly any chance we get.We have conversations about smart decisions we can make to get our net worth figures fatter and still have time for experiences, family and all the fun we wish for.

Our different selves sometimes have to contradict financial logic and integrate it with experience to make new efficient rules.
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I am TashaCrispin, the founder of this blog.
I started writing about personal finance to create better money habits for myself. In the process of rehabilitating myself, I helped a couple of people manage their finances which got me excited to give more.

So hey! Welcome to an online community that’s working towards financial independence. Great having you here.