My R@nd$m Favorites

Welcome to my collection of stuff that has inspired, criticised, challenged and built my understanding of finances and life as well. Hell!Some even made me hate myself in certain instances of self-realization. That’s what brings change, right? Dig into my 21st-year learning resources. If you check them out, some might lead you to purchases. Don’t be surprised.Anyway, it’s not a bad idea to buy something that is really worth it or one that can actually bring you more money.

Finance Books

If there’s a book that has blown my mind this year, it’s The millionaire next door. The extent of explanation of the millionaire mindset regarding lifestyle is just the best. The authors can go to an exhausting depth of explaining the concept but it is just beautiful regardless. Having thoughts of becoming a millionaire? Well, you should be doing no-nonsense saving, living way below your means. Anyway, this is a book anyone can read and you should go grab one. What’s the big deal spending on something that will actually lead you to earn you more?

A finance classic (from 1922) is just the sexiest book there can be. Even before your dad was born, this bad boy was rocking the world. Yeah, you think the world changes much? Nah!  It’s just the mediocre teachings that do not last. This book tangles your mind around stories only to learn more than you grasped in your years in college. The key to wealth is what The Richest Man In Babylon is based on. Great read.

Self-help book

This book by Jody B. Miller is just the real deal. Anyone can sit and enjoy this book, even those who hate reading. No jokes. Most self-help and life coaching books are not a cup of tea for everyone. Most focus on the jargon and end up putting you to sleep. Jody introduced a game changer, taking you into the real-life stories of many, inducing crazy thrills. If you do not like a certain life story(which is unlikely), Jody introduces another in every chapter.From Drift to Shift is a book that gives you the opportunity to read about other people’s transformations and feel the need to make the shifts you always wanted.I will tell you about it all if I don’t stop here.Just go and read for yourself.

Finance blogs

Mr. Money Mustache-Mr money mustache kicks your ass, kids around and makes learning personal finance so much fun.He has amazing insights that can lock your mind to his blog and give you a challenge every time you manage your finances.

Budgets are Sexy -J money is just one of the most brilliant minds.He is a genius of mastering his authenticity and his writing can send your mind to depths of thinking.In spite of his anonymity, he has beaten the odds by connecting with his readers more than many who have their lives as an open book.

Yeah, that’s my shortlist, for now, I recently decided not to go wide on information but ingest the one I have much deeper.